Season 20 Episode 01 – The Rise of Palps

Star Wars Discussion and spoilers ahead. We discuss the intricacies of The Rise of Skywalker; what we loved, what we hated and what was just really meh about the final episode in the Palpatine Saga.

Season 19 Episode 32 – Nanica Who?

This week we discuss Rick and Morty’s current season, Elon Musk, The Madalorean, Star Wars: Fallen Order, Minecraft House Addiction, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Cat Quest, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Astroneer, Sabrina Season 2, and Skyrim.

Season 19 Episode 31 – Free Will

Christan, Franky, and Franky not doing a good job at impersonating Ashley come together for a shorter round of podcasting. We discuss the Mandalorian, Mortal Combat 11, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Outerworlds, Star Wars Fallen Order, His Dark Materials, And the Jim Henson Exhibit in Albuquerque.

Season 19 Episode 16 – Ah, it must have been Euron!

This episode we discuss John Wick III, Final Fantasy X, the alternate cut of Into the Spider-Verse and Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5. For the latter, spoilers take place between 30:57 and 1:16:40 – so skip if you’re still not caught up!

S03 E27 E3!

We talk about all of the excitement that came out of E3, what was announced, what we’re excited for, who stole the show, and who disappointed us.