The 8-Bit Show – Space Fainters

With Franky yet to get his own robot legs, Ashley and Jon join Juanita discover the secrets of Star Fox and together unite the universe!

The 8-Bit Show – Just Hangin’ Out

We all pick up some VVVVVV on our 3DS, and talk about how great it is. We even have some GOTY 2011 discussion. We also have a two great discussions on the Play Station Vita and SOPA. Plus, much much more!

The 8-Bit Show – The One With The Lag

Sadly, Ashley’s Skype wasn’t working, so we had a very laggy work around, we still have some great discussion with her including Skyrim, Metroid Fusion, Rise of Planet of the Apes, 3DS Ambassador games and much more!

The 8-Bit Show – Ape Period

This week we talk some Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7, Zelda II objective reviews, the 3DS update with Find Mii 2 and new 360 Dashboard, a choose your own wrong adventure game, more Skyrim glitches, the latest news and ape… period.

The 8-bit Show – Back From the Dead

We’re back in action and even though there was still a technical difficulty this week, we have a full podcast available for you! *Sans a bit of one conversation* We have conversation on Skyrim, Mario 3D Land and PETA, Modern Warfare 3 bans, the new generation of hardware on the horizon and more!

The 8-bit Show – We’re Going Live?

Lot’s to talk about on this week’s show! We have Gamer Anonymous’ Gamer Girl Calendar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Borderlands,¬†Outland,¬†Paper Man & more! Plus we get down on your questions sent in by the live audience which covers the topics of preordering downloadable games, and Sequels we want…

The 8-bit Show – Now Only Free!

We get a bit of Ocarina of Time 3DS talk in, as well as Wii Play Motion, Words With Friends, Ninja Turtles Smash-Up, Groove Coaster, VVVVVV, Geometry Wars, Dragon Age II and tons more! Plus we have the answers to our “What video game character would you marry?” question.

The 8-bit Show – Nose Goes

We have a great episode full of games, listener feedback and infomative infotainment. Let your ears rejoice and don’t forget to head out to the firstmeet up of the Retro Game League at Super Gamers Anonymous!

The 8-bit Show – Gentle Kisses

It was kinda a small week for games (save for Jon, of course), but this podcast is full of listener questions again. If you submitted one, be sure to take a listen and enjoy the awesomeness! We cover the Mega Man/Capcom issue that has gamers in an uproar along with discussions on the area of…

The 8-bit Show – Back From Hell

Late again. It comes with a story though. God, himself, did not want this podcast to be released. It’s so awesome that it would be proof that God had to exist, thus making God vanish in a puff of smoke! Because of that, I had to traverse all nine levels of hell to bring it…