The 8-Bit Show – Return to WiiU Mountain

Look what’s fresh out of the oven! A new 8-Bit Show! We’re back, save Ashley, for some discussion covering the WiiU and all it’s awesomeness, plus we discuss a few games, and reignite a spark of love. So join us once again as we usher in a new holiday season of video game (and non-video…

The 8-Bit Show – You Love That He’s Dead?

Welcome to the experiment: Legend of Soltar, Theatrhythm, Final Fantasies of past, pubic moss, RE6 Demo and some news! The audio podcast comes at you with minimal editing, but for higher production quality, check out our video here or on youtube! 🙂 Keep in mind, we really want to hear back from everyone about the…

The 8-Bit Show – 3 AM Moustache Rides!

Arron Linde, Dick Knipfing, and Bea Arthur are special hosts this week, and they discus Boner Quests, Anne Rice, Pauly D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Pokémon Conquest, Lolipop Chainsaw, Goldbutt and more amazing stuff than you can shake your stylus at!

The 8-Bit Show – Micro-USB Kisses

We solve the answers to the universe in this one, and having that done, get onto games like the SNES Championship cart, Art of Balance Touch!, Geometry Wars, Lolipop Chainsaw, Wii Fit and more. If you’re interested in some of our opinion on Promotheus, spoilers included, stay tuned to the end!

The 8-Bit Show – ACE Edition

We come at you from the ACE convention. If you weren’t there here’s a bit of what you missed out on. Keep an eye out for it next year and come join us! Video is on the site, audio in the feed – but you should really watch this one – audio alone doesn’t do…

The 8-Bit Show – Posing Like a Female Superhero

First off, I want to apologize for the quality of the podcast, while I did get our audio issue resolved, I guess I didn’t apply the right setting, meaning our master audio was recorded at the lowest possible setting (Why the hell would it default to that?). Anyways, it’s actually far better than the crap…

The 8-Bit Show – Space Marines

Franky is absent, but there in spirit (and in the chat!) due to technical difficulties… irregardless, Jon and Ashley venture on and discuss space sea-men, Kingdoms of Amalur, Asura’s Wrath, and more hilarity than you can shake a stick at!

The 8-Bit Show – Cat Loaf Video

Odd man out continues as Jon is Absent from this episode. We try some video fun this week, break things, and somehow recover, to bring out talk about what we all came here for: video games. Check it out peeps!

The 8-Bit Show – Koala Poops

Ashley is MIA this week, but Jon and Franky talk games, run out interesting news and give you a bit of insight into their other likes.